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How much for a great day of fishing?

5-hour (Half-Day Trip) - $600

8-hour (Full Day Trip) - $1,000

11-hour (Deep-Water Big Game Trip) - $1,450

All Trips We Offer Are For 6 People

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What will I catch?

When you go on your Daytona Beach deep sea fishing trip will determine the types of fish you will catch. Planning your deep sea fishing trip ensures you catch the fish you really want. According to, the following months are the best times to catch certain deep sea fish. From amberjack in April, to sharks in September, you are sure to have a great deep sea fishing experience with Finn-Addict. We have a list of catches according to their months that can be seen here.

What did other people catch?

Florida is practically made for fishing with its more than 7,700 lakes, 10,550 miles of rivers and 2,276 miles of tidal shoreline. Florida has more than 900 world record holding catches alone making it a prime spot for deep sea fishing (via According to, in May of 2017, Capt. Alissa Vinoski caught a 53.34” 10-pound Largemouth Bass off the shores of Port Orange, Florida. In fact, our 36 foot charter boat, The Finn-Addict, has dominated the southern kingfish association and similar deep sea fishing, and charter fishing tournaments for over a decade. We have a wonderful gallery of photos here on our site seen here but you can also check out our Facebook for more amazing photos and videos.

What do I need to bring?

When going on a deep sea fishing excursion, it’s wise to come well prepared. When you book your New Smyrna beach, Port Orange, or Daytona deep sea fishing charter, it is important to remember food, drink, sun protection, and a camera because stores are scarce once we leave the dock! Water and sports drinks are best for staying hydrated and energized. For food, bring what you would to a picnic but don’t overdo it. We will bring a cooler with ice for your food and drinks. If you choose to bring you own, please keep them to the 6-pack or 12 pack size for storage consideration on the boat. For a more extensive list please read more details here.

How much do I tip?

This, like any other service such as restaurants, is a personal choice. Traditionally charter crews rely on tips to supplement their incomes. When a mate is used in addition to the Captain, they are working solely for tips. When the Captain serves as your mate, he too appreciates any gratuities extended to him at the trip’s end. Some charters suggest a percentage, however, we feel it’s best for you to decide what the service rendered for the day’s trip was worth to you and your group.

I still have questions...

For more information call us at 386-547-4053 or for more on our day fishing trips please see our deep sea fishing page.

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