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Ocean Trolling in Daytona Beach

Trolling the sea in search of large fish to catch is one of the most thrilling adventures the wide open blue ocean has to offer. Trolling is a fishing method where the boat constantly is moving. We cast our lines our behind the boat with enticing bait for those fish swimming around the ocean. Typically 3 to 5 different baits lures or real fish are following the boat at a time. Some baits are even skipping on the surface of the water anywhere from 20 to 300 ft behind the boat. These often making for a exciting bite. Some of the baits are drug up to 70 ft deep in the water using what is called a down planner. The types of fish we catch trolling are, Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel, Bonita, and Barracuda.

Trolling on the ocean has never been more fun!

My personal favorite trolling trip is the 11 hr Gulfstream trip. It’s like Jurassic Park, there are so many wild animals and everything is big! Trolling in the Gulf Stream is the most exciting fishing anyone can do. Mahi-Mahi (Dolphin Fish) are absolutely beautiful. They constantly are jumping out of the water and making reels sing out line. Other fish include: Wahoo, Tuna, Sailfish and the mighty Blue Marlin. The water depth along the stream can be from 150 to over 2000 ft.

We can also bottom fish on the 11 hour trip on ship or plane wrecks, natural ledges, and reefs up to 300 ft of water. The type of fish here are: Grouper, Snapper, Amberjack, and a plethora of assorted bottom fish. If you’re looking for a lot of fish to catch to take home and eat, this is the trip.

No matter what method of fishing you plan to execute, you don’t just head out with your gear and start casting. Plan for it to increase your chances of not only catching the right fish but of having an enjoyable time out in the water. Check the weather forecasts, know which lures to use, pack for emergencies, plan your route, and absorb all the information that you can about trolling.

Charter Fishing

If your best fishing buddy can't join on this wonderful fishing trip or you've never gone overseas fishing before then no problem. Hiring us to take you out on our boat is a great way to experience world-class fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. Why is this amazing fishing trip Daytona's best fishing charter experience? The Captain if the best of course. Chris has been fishing these waters all his life and so that he knows the very best spots for a wide variety of fish regardless of what season.

Daytona Florida has the largest number of overseas wrecks and artificial reef on the east shore. The fishing around this time of year provides non-stop bottom fishing action. These locations are only a short boating into the Atlantic, in most cases. Bottom fishing is excellent, too! The reefs are home to a wide variety of bottom dwelling species that are located in huge quantities around the artificial reefs.

Successful Trolling Tips

Depth Control

While trolling, the lure will go by the fish quickly so they only have a short amount of time to react. If the lure isn’t close to the level of the fish, the chance of seeing it let alone striking it is far less. Your trolling success depends on your knowledge of where your lure is and how to control it. By ensuring that your lure is in the right place, you have a much greater chance of catching fish consistently since they rarely swim to different depths. Remember, a lure goes by fish quickly, so your lure has to be very visible to your prey in order to increase your chances of actually catching them.


Most people don’t realize how vital the speed of the boat is when trolling. Traveling at the wrong speed will result in missed opportunities. No matter what type of fish you are trolling for, you’ll get more out of your trip by paying close attention to the speed at which your lure is working. The correct speed will is the one that gets the most action out of your lure. Here at Finn Addict Fishing we are very knowledgeable about what speeds are needed for each type of fish.


The distance your lure or bait is from the back of the boat plays a key role in trolling. Fish will naturally want to move away from the sound of the boat so having the right distance is crucial because if your lure is too close then you won’t have any luck catching fish. The distance behind the boat depends on the type of fish, water clarity, boat traffic, and lures being used, as well as the method of fishing. We will help you distance your lure properly for an optimal trip.

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