New Smyra beach fishing charter

What You Should Bring

When you book your New Smyrna beach, Port Orange, or Daytona fishing charter, it is important to remember food, drink, sun protection, and a camera. You will need to bring your food and drink. Keep in mind stores are scarce once we leave the dock! Water and sports drinks are best for staying hydrated and energized. For food, bring what you would to a picnic. I myself like food that I can eat with one hand, so I can keep fishing with the other.

For clothing, long loose light colored clothes offer the most comfort and protection from the sun. It’s highly recommended that you bring a hat and sunglasses. A camera to record your catch is a good idea. A cooler for your car, to bring your catch home. A rain poncho is a good idea given that in Florida it’s always a possibility, and the fish don’t stop eating just because of rain. A water resistant windbreaker works also. We will bring a cooler with ice for your food and drinks. If you choose to bring you own, please keep them to the 6-pack or 12 pack size for storage consideration on the boat.

As a list:

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Long loose light colored clothes
  • Rain poncho or water resistant windbreaker

What We Supply

We supply all bait, ice, tackle and equipment for a day of fishing. We also provide the state fishing license, and federal fishing permits as required by law. Fish cleaning can be done for you within the total trip time, however this would require the time at sea being reduced, since we are not permitted to clean fish until we return to port.

What NOT to Bring

When you are embark on your New Smyra beach, Port Orange, or Daytona Beach fishing charter, do not bring hard liquor, glass bottles, dark soled shoes, spray on sunscreen, any illegal substance (no matter how minor). If cigarettes are necessary, we have a smokers room off the back of the boat! GPS devices should not be brought on the boat (we have all that is needed).

Call 386-547-4053 to book your fishing charter, or Email Chris for any questions.

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